A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Chase your opponents and knock down their dominoes - be the Last One Standing!

Created for #TOJam 2016: Don't Stop bELEVEN

Players using Windows: (2016-09-03)

In the past month, Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials have started flagging some Unity games as malware. This appears to be a false positive, even affecting some Steam games, and Unity is working with Microsoft to fix the detection to avoid false alarms.

I'm exploring whether there's anything I can do to the game to work around this, but in the meantime, you may need to exempt Last One Standing from this security check in order to play - but I understand if you're hesitant to do so. I'll update this page once a solution has been found.


This came together in a weekend, so expect some hiccups. Please let me know below or on Twitter (@D_M_Gregory) if you encounter glitches, and I'll try to get them fixed up.

New in the latest update (2016-05-30):

  • Mac version now available! (Depending on your security settings, you may get a warning that I'm an unidentified developer, but this can be overridden)
  • Dynamic joining & control remapping - when input is detected in any supported slot (3 keyboard options or up to 6 gamepads), it will be automatically assigned to a Lead Domino, or spawned as a new player
  • Idle players will be removed from the next round
  • Improved physics stability & fairness - now much harder to accidentally trip yourself
  • Fixed minor exploit when players remain stationary - players who haven't moved recently become vulnerable to bodychecking until they start laying down trail dominoes
  • Added a jump - no particular strategic importance, it just feels good to hop around sometimes :)
  • No invisible walls - the unwary shall fall to their doom!
  • Improved messaging of draws/ties
  • Fixed issue with music going out of sync when looped too many times
  • Lead Dominoes change facial expressions when their trail is toppling
  • Removed DualShock 4 specific version - tested and it works great with DS4Windows; manual control remapping is available if needed
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagscompetitive, domino, Local multiplayer, tojam, toronto, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2 - 6

Install instructions

Unzip and have fun!

(Windows users: see note on the game page about a false positive from Windows Defender/Security Essentials. You may need to exempt the game to play until this is fixed)

You'll find a controls diagram enclosed. Inputs are assigned dynamically, so whichever key/gamepad you use first becomes player 1, etc. If you accidentally spawn a spare player, just knock them down before your victory lap - idle players will be removed from the next round automatically.

I'd love to hear what you think, in the comments here or on Twitter (@D_M_Gregory)


Last One Standing - OS X (Mac) 27 MB
Last One Standing - Windows 24 MB


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Playing since 2016, and i still love it ! Perfect game for a little fun time with friends !


Very good game


Really great game! I would love a expanded edition


This game is one of the best quick 4 player local co-op games, we've been playing it once in a while over the last few years with 4 players! There is 1 thing though: we feel like the pieces start despawning a bit too early at 30 pieces. If you're still interested in releasing the expanded edition, could you maybe add the option to have the pieces last a little longer? Anyway, we're still having a blast playing your game, thanks DMGregory

It says that the program has to be updated to work on the newest macOS version. 😔

Is there a single player?

I've been interested in adding a single player mode, but I'm not sure what would be most interesting there. The same competitive mode but with AI opponents, or some type of objective-based challenge or puzzle? What would you hope to see from a single player version?

There were no updates in 3 years, have you completely moved on? or are you taking a break? Or is the update just big/complicated/hard to implement 


Just haven't had much time to work on it between my day job and teaching. Still hoping to do a fresh version in future.

oh ok then, That stuff is WAY more important, so take your time


Thanks for the entertaining game :D

We played it here.

Thank you! :D

This game is really fun!

This was achieved by jumping at the player, then doing a forward flip, then landing and then this happen!

Is it still being worked on?

Sorry for the long delay. It's something I want to get back to soon. Currently, shipping Starlink is taking all my energy. ;)



dose it work on chrome book

I don't think so, though I lack a Chromebook to test with. I'll try to support Chromebook in the next version.


Great game! We played it with my girlfriend, it was awesome!))

Oh wow, thank you! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!


This is a really great game, love the fast-paced simple style to it. It also looks super great, and you can even run it on a potato computer without much trouble.

I have played with some of my friends, and we all had a blast with it.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you and your friends have been enjoying it!

Now that my teaching is done for the semester, I'm hoping to get back into actively developing this and releasing an expanded version in the future. :)

This is a really great game, love the fast-paced simple style to it. It also looks super great, and you can even run it on a potato computer without much trouble.

I have played with some of my friends, and we all had a blast with it.

This is a really great game, love the fast-paced simple style to it. It also looks super great, and you can even run it on a potato computer without much trouble.

I have played with some of my friends, and we all had a blast with it.



I'll certainly try! The fast-paced physics gameplay makes it a bit challenging (even the tiniest bit of lag could result in drastically different results) but there may be ways to solve the major issues.




Played with my daughters and had a great time.

7yo's comments: I liked it because you're going around as a domino and trying to make the other person's line fall down. I like it because you can jump! The dominos go flying up and then down. I liked it because I kept winning! And I like it because it kind of looks like you've got a face, on the side of the domino. I wouldn't add anything or change anything, it's just very very fun.

Oh gosh, comments like this make my day! Thank you so much for sharing it! Knowing that folks get enjoyment from playing my games is the most rewarding thing. :D


My ideas:

- More Dominoes on table, resulting in a slightly larger table so it would be fair

- Powerups for example double which would spawn 2x dominoes, speed,

- AI Dominoes!!!


This is such a great game for 2 or more people to play. I see it as a perfect game to get the family and friends playing over the holidays. Thanks for developing it!

Great video! Thanks so much! :D I certainly plan to play a few rounds with my family this holiday - I hope others will enjoy it too!

Any special HINTS we can know to give us the edge when we play?

Keep moving and aim for the trail. As long as a player domino is laying down trail, they can only be toppled by their own trail dominoes hitting them. (If you idle then it becomes possible to just body-check you, as an anti-exploit)

Thanks for the tip!!!


This game is so much fun-especially when you have a large group of people to entertain. So many people can play, it's amazing. But the gameplay is a bit on the repeating side. New arenas (ice, slippery, maybe huge theater, a tiny table, or maybe one with falling walls) different sizes, or maybe different domino skills would be cool. Another interesting addition would be options like how heavy the dominos are, how many are in a trail, and how big the dominos are. Or, if adding a different arena is out of the question, arena size. Thanks for the great game!

Incorrent reflection rendering on lower graphical settings (Running on Intel HD 5300)


Thanks, I'll take a look into it. For some reason certain graphics settings invert the texture while others don't.


Downloaded this yesterday, but played with 2 of my pals today - it was a lot of fun!

Oddly, I kept getting ideas to give this game more features - even if "simple". Such as table layouts with obstacles, scoring, stock or "lives" that allow the player to "respawn" before the end of the "round", etc.

Great game otherwise!

Thanks Stephanie! I'm working on expanding the game to include features like those. I think there's a lot of ways to make the gameplay deeper and offer more variety. I'd also like to investigate whether I can add a single-player mode of some kind.

Guys help im new and have no clue how to start the game

You should just be able to unzip the game and run the executable. You'll get a configuration screen where you can change the graphics quality and input settings - just press "Play!" to start. After that you'll see two dominoes drop onto a table. Use the arrow keys or WASD to control one of them, or the left stick of your gamepad. More players can join using more gamepads. A full control map is included in the zip file, and is also shown in-game if you press Escape.

can i monetize videos of this

I have no objections. :)

If you like, I have an experimental version I'm working on with better match-tracking features - it might help improve the game for video spectating. Private message me on Twitter and I can set you up with a link. (It's not quite ready for a full release yet)

Hi there, thanks for making a great game. I was wondering if there is any way to invert controls? For some reason with my controller(mad catz brawlpad) , up=down and down=up. It would'nt be a big deal but I'm building a 4 player arcade machine and would love to feature this game, and the contols are going to be wired to the brawl pad no matter what. I think it may be a unity issue as I tried another unity game (turbo taucher) here on Itch.io and the exact same thing happens. The controller works fine in all other games I have... I tried messing with the axis in the config window but it always maps the same... Thanks.

Thanks! And sorry for the trouble there - I'd assumed Unity's built-in control mapping would be enough, but I didn't realize it was missing an option for inverting an axis. I'm working on a fresh build for an upcoming game party, so I'll build in more robust options UI for that version. In the meantime, I can think of a hacky fix: if we can work out what joystick name the controller reports, I can detect that case and invert its input in code. ;) Do you have the Unity editor installed? If so, I can give you a quick little script to get this info. There may also be third-party programs you can run to remap the gamepad - I use one to get DS4s to read like Xbox 360 gamepads in Unity.

Hey thanks for the response, unfortunately I don't have Unity or a Unity account. But I can tell you in windows the ID is Arcadepad (Mad Catz Brawlpad). I've tried all the remapping tools and none of them seem to work, but anyway no big deal if you can get a more robust menu like you said that would be cool in the next build. If not I think I'm going to make a physical invert switch on each joystick on the arcade machine just in case this issue comes up again, that should make it work anyway... The machines about a month away from being done so there's plenty of time for me to come up with a solution... Thanks!


Do you make this on unity? How you make this beauty shadows, when i try i got ugly:(

Yes, it is indeed built on Unity. I used very nearly the default soft shadow settings - the only changes I made were to decrease the shadow strength to 0.72 so they're a bit more transparent and increase the intensity of the light to 3.2 (my normal mapped materials were rendering darker than I wanted, and in a jam's time constraints it was faster to blow out the light than troubleshoot what was causing this) ;)

It might be because I have a small confined scene with a very shallow depth range, so the shadow map's resolution isn't stretched thin across a huge volume. I also have relatively few curved or thin pointy shapes to reveal jaggies from aliasing, and the camera rarely gets super close to a surface without the depth of field blurring away artifacts that might otherwise be visible.

If you're having trouble in your Unity project, you can often get good advice over at gamedev.stackexchange.com - just be sure to ask a clear and specific question, including a description of what you've tried, examples of the results, and a clear indication of what bits you want to change/improve.

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Thanks for the answer, this is good info. My english bad so if not hard try help with this...

What scale you use?

I want realistic domino physics so if domino scale (1 2 0.25) i get good shadows but slow falling, and (0.1 0.2 0.025) bad shadows and good fast falling.

I think solution to speedup rigidbody for scale (1 2 0.25) right?

Well, I won't give you all the info you'd need to clone my game. ;)

When making your own original game, there are going to be some judgement calls you need to make for yourself, including things like what unit scale and physics behaviour feels right to you.

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Noo when i first time imagine my game visual stage same with your game. But another gameplay. First i make gameplay prototype but when try to make visual stage i got stuck for week and a lot assfire:D Thanks


One of my favourite games here. Great idea! What i need is the feature to run for a few seconds.

OK thank you also you could add ramps and a auto slide map with obstacles to see who gets to the end first just a idea I have didn't

can you add on suport for chromebook (pls put it in the chrome store)

Interesting suggestion! I hadn't thought about Chromebook as a platform. Information about distributing Unity games for Chromebook seems a bit sparse, and what I'm finding is discouraging - do you have any tips on where I can find more information?

you can check out the chrome store that is the only place where I can install games keep up the good work I know coding is hard i can only do basic Javascript, Html5, and Css if you cant do it though its ok

(1 edit)

I found this coding page it will allow you to upload it on to the chrome store.


It doesn't look like that will help, unfortunately. That's an IDE for coding web apps from scratch - at present, I don't see myself re-coding the game and all of the Unity engine features I'm using. ;) I'll keep looking into other options.

is can be batter with multiplayer


It has up to 6-player multiplayer.



i like this game


Great idea!!!


Love it, great idea & well executed! The movement wiggle is a really nice touch, such a polished experience


Really fun :)

Any way to allow people with only two controllers to play up to four player with player one and two on arrow keys and wasd while the other two are on the controllers? Just imaginning this could be quite an entertaining party game!

Good idea, I'll try to incorporate more sophisticated controls options in the next build.

There will be some imbalance between the arrow keys and gamepad players (the full 360° angle control of an analog stick is a big benefit), but you can resolve that part in meatspace by rotating controllers if you wanted to play tournament-style. ;)

Glad to hear you might be up for the idea, and yeah I hadn't thought about the balance side of things, although to be honest I cant imagine taking it too competitively, 90% of the satisfaction is the physics, for me anyway!

If your intending to add to the game I would be interested to see some more complexities to gameplay, for instance, game modes like capture the marble? Or if your domino trail length was not capped, and maybe with a bigger table you could set traps with your trail. Maybe if you could switch to control any of your placed dominoes this could make it more tactical too? If you could jump you might even be able to make towers, although the practicality of this I'm not sure.

Anyways, just ideas

Updated with dynamic controls assignment, which should let you play with any combination of (up to 3) keyboard and gamepad players (up to a total of 6). Whatever input you use first automatically maps to player 1, the next to player 2, the next to player 3 (spawned on demand), and so on.

Please let me know how this works for you. :)

Also, I'm digging "Capture the Marble" - I've been itching to try getting one of those swirly glass marbles in. Initially I was thinking of it as a hazard, but now I'm considering "Marble Soccer" or other uses... Stay tuned for further experiments over the next month!

I like marble soccer it sounds fun


Funny Game! :D