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Really cool !

After completing the game i broke it by transforming my last blue sky and being unable to produce blue sky again :)


This turned out really neat! Enjoying the discovery, and appreciative of the hints for the last 2 items.

Will definitely be grabbing the android version when I have time to fiddle with in class.


Love it! Looks beautiful, sounds great, and fun to play too :) Really impressive!

[spoilers below]

I wasn't able to do the final achievement for some reason, even after extinguishing all the suns. I thought it might be because I had 30 suns and maybe having multiple suns messed something up, but even after starting over and making sure to only make a single sun, it still didn't work. 

Thanks, and good catch! I found it - literally one tickbox I mis-ticked. Got a fresh build with the fix up now, a fresh mode to go with it!

I think I extinguished at least 5 suns, and was unable to get the achievement. Probably had 20 suns all in one corner too, hoping to see something else created. First I had dragged suns into the storms, and then I tried to create new storms to place around the suns. Both made them disappear multiple times, but no achieve. \_(o.o)_/

I think I phrased the achievement poorly. It awards for erasing *all* suns, so if you still had more in the corner it won't fire. I'll look at either fixing the wording, or adding a new achievement type that triggers on individual removal.


Really fun toy! Almost had a full white screen by the end of it

😱 How many suns did you make!? I should add an achievement for that!


This is SUPER COOL! Any chance of a mobile release? I'll take an APK.. ;)

Thank you! I'll need to do some experiments - never made a mobile build before, and some of the ways I'm using render textures are probably not super friendly for tiled rendering, but I think some efficiencies are possible...


The APK is yours. :) (Had to ditch the floating point render texture I was using, but I think I was able to adequately compensate elsewhere to still get a pretty smooth look)

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Thanks!! Runs well on my 1st gen Pixel phone :)